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06.08.2014, Comments Off on Profusion, Post, by .

Robot thinks that London has never met an architectural style that it hasn’t liked.


06.08.2014, Comments Off on Mangos, Post, by .

Robot thinks the lobby restroom smells like mangos. Robot does not think Nathan smells like mangos.


06.07.2014, Comments Off on View, Post, by .

Robot is always reminded of home with a view like this one.


06.07.2014, Comments Off on Class, Post, by .

Robot never realized that First Class was so much more comfortable.


06.07.2014, Comments Off on Chaos, Post, by .

Robot thinks this much of a mess should be dealt with.


06.05.2014, Comments Off on Out, Post, by .

Robot is glad to be out of the protective carrying device but does not remember it being so crowded.


06.05.2014, Comments Off on …initializing…, Post, by .

…bios check: out of date!
…loading bios update from 00:00:00:00:00:00:00:00:00:00:00:01…
…2% complete…
…63% complete…
…bios update complete. Resuming initialization…
…devices loaded…
…manipulator self-check: ok…
…propulsion systems: ok…
…gyroscopes: sync ok…
…memory: ok…
…camera self-check…
Test Patern
…camera: ok…
…resuming sentience nodes…


07.06.2012, Comments Off on Amerikana, Post, by .

Robot is somewhat amazed at the variety and extent of many human’s obsessions. But they can be fascinating to look at.


07.06.2012, Comments Off on Metal, Post, by .

Robot was pleased with the decorative ways to serve metal till it was told it was actually holding water for the kids.


07.04.2012, Comments Off on Sacred, Post, by .

Robot is not sure why these rocks are so important to some humans, but is glad that it seems to make them happy.

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